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  1. Flash Foxlights Gallagher

    Flash Foxlights Gallagher

    €118.80 €99.00
    Against foxes and other nocturnal predators
  2. S400 solar fence energiser incl. 2 batteries (2x 12 V - 7,2 Ah) Gallagher

    S400 solar fence energiser incl. 2 batteries (2x 12 V - 7,2 Ah) Gallagher

    €894.00 €745.00
    For temporary fencing in difficult-to-access locations
  3. Prise de terre  Gallagher

    Prise de terre Gallagher

    €11.88 €9.90
    (1 x 1,0m sans collier de serrage)
  4. Piquet de coin Insultimber (FSC®) Gallagher

    Piquet de coin Insultimber (FSC®) Gallagher

    €108.00 €90.00
    10 x 10 cm - 2,50 mètres

Items 1-16 of 69

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Find the Gallagher range on e-viti

Discover the full range of Gallagher products on, your reference for fencing equipment. Specialising in electric fencing and electrification solutions, the Gallagher brand offers top-quality products that combine reliability, durability and innovation.

Whether you need Gallagher fencing, energisers, insulators, posts or testers, our selection will meet all your requirements to ensure the safety and protection of your animals or your farm.

All our products from Gallagher

The Gallagher brand offers a wide range of essential products for electric fencing. Among the products available, you will find :

* Earthing cable : Ensures effective earthing to guarantee the safety of your electric fence.
* Connector : Provides a reliable and secure connection between fence wires.
* Loss detector : Quickly identifies any loss of current in your electric fence, ensuring it works properly.
* Energiser : Provides optimum power to keep your electric fence energised.
* Wolf net : Protects your animals from wolf attacks.
* Fence wire : Available in different lengths and thicknesses to meet your specific needs.
* Anchor insulators and corner insulators : Provide effective insulation at the corners and crossings of your electric fence.
* Post : Provides a solid structure for safely installing your electric fence.

History of the Gallagher brand

The Gallagher brand has its origins in an extraordinary story dating back to the 1930s. Bill Gallagher, the owner of a horse called Joe, wanted to protect his car from his horse's itching. So he developed an electrical system to keep Joe away from his car. Over time, Bill built his first electric fence and set out to create a remarkable business, redefining the possibilities for his customers.

At a time when many farmers were using barbed wire, electrified wire had a major advantage in preventing injuries, making animal hides more valuable to tanneries.

Today, Gallagher is the world's leading brand of quality electric fencing. Our focus is on high-quality, user-tested products developed in collaboration with livestock farmers. Our aim is to offer you even better products in the future, so that your fencing exceeds all your expectations.

Why use Gallagher brand products?

An electric fence is a protective device used to secure your animals or prevent unwanted animals from intruding into the crops and gardens you wish to preserve.

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