Perfect for the smaller garden

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  • Works for 3 weeks without direct sunlight
  • Super-strong, drop-proof, water resistant housing
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Built-in lightning protection
  • Lithium battery provides more power and a longer lifespan

The S6 is a compact and powerful energiser perfect for the smaller garden to keep pets inside, such as a dog or cat in the garden or at the campsite.

Advantages of the lithium battery
The S6 can be easily attached to an iron mobile post. Requires minimal maintenance as there is no need to replace the battery or battery when it runs out. The unique feature of this solar energiser is the lithium battery. It is compact, has very low self-discharge, lasts longer and can be recharged at any time if needed.

Advice for use
After purchase, we recommend first leaving the device off for 3 days and placing it in daylight so that it is fully charged. If the device is temporarily not used, we recommend storing it in a dark, dry but ventilated place.

Animal type: Cat, Dog
Output with 500 Ohm (V): 1000
Voltage with 100 Ohm (V): 350
Stored Energy (J): 0,08
Output Energy (J): 0,06
Single Wire Fence distance - Ideal conditions (km): 1
Multi (2) Wire Fence distance - Ideal conditions (km): 0,5
Multi (2) Wire Fence distance - Light conditions (km) : 0,2
Multi (3) Wire Fence distance - Recommended (km): 0,1
Grid area (Hec/Acre) : 0,1/0,25
Maximum output Voltage: 7500
Avg. current draw Battery (V/mA)  : 3,2V 39/29 day/night
Days operational with no daylight: -
Device indicator light On/Off:
Battery LED (indicator):
Battery safemode: -
Auto power conservation to prevent damage to battery: -
Night savings option: -
Normal - slow pulse mode: -
Build-in solar panel: 2,2W
Fence connection wire included:
Rechargeable Battery included:
Recommended number of earth stakes: 1x0,5m
Suitable Stand (height): Ringtop post (max.12mm)
IPX classification: IPX4
Warranty (years): 3
Weight (Kg): 0,93