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52% stronger than traditional polywire. Will not twist or kink when winding onto reels. Ideal for long portable fences, the patented mixed metal conductive wires carry the pulse 40 times better than standard PowerLine wire. Always use TurboLine products if fence > 500 m. UV- warranty: 5 years.

The blue colour is particulary for wild animals, because they see the colour blue very well. This keeps them out of your field with your domestic animals or crops.

  • 40 times better conductivity and more than 50% stronger than standard plastic wire
  • Will not twist or kink when winding onto reels.
  • Blue colour keeps wild animals away
  • Stretch and twist resistant

Technical specifications :

Diameter (mm) : 3
UV warranty (Years) : 5
Meters on reel (m) : 1000
Number of tinned copper wires : 3
Number of stainless steel wires : 6
Number of plastic (nylon) wires : 38
Resistance (Ohm/meter) : 0,06
Tensile strength (kg) : 105