S400 solar fence energiser incl. 2 batteries (2x 12 V - 7,2 Ah) Gallagher

For temporary fencing in difficult-to-access locations

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The S400 is the strongest solar energiser in the market. With the 40 Watt solar panel, the S400 can power fencing of up to 30km. Even after one week without direct sunlight, the energiser still has enough power to put enough voltage on your fencing. The S400 is extremely suitable for temporary fencing that covers a reasonably large area. It means you have enough voltage on your fencing, without needing a socket nearby!

  • Still works after one week without direct daylight
  • Easy to move
  • Extremely suitable for temporary fencing in difficult-to-access locations.




Technical specifications :

  • Maximum output voltage (V): 9800
  • Charging energy (J): 4.0
  • Maximum impulse energy (J): 3.0
  • Solar panel (Watt): 40
  • Number of earthing rods required: 4 x 1 m
  • No vegetation (km) (recommended): 30
  • Light vegetation (km) (recommended): 16
  • Dense vegetation (km) (recommended): 7
  • Fence surface (ha) (recommended): 16