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All our products of brand FELCO

Find the full range of Felco pruning shears, scissors, accessories and spare parts on E-viti.

The brand is aimed at a demanding clientele concerned about the quality of its tools, both for professionals (winegrowers, arboriculturists, landscapers) and for private individuals.

Which Felco pruning shears should I choose?

The ergonomic shape and handles of Felco pruning shears immediately give a feeling of safety and comfort.
Easy to handle, they reduce physical effort and protect workers' hands and joints.
The shape of the handles is designed to offer maximum comfort, even during prolonged use.

The brand offers a range of products to suit different hands:

- Right-handed pruning shears: Felco 2, Felco 4, Felco 8 or Felco 160 pruning shears
- Left-handed secateurs: Felco 9, Felco 10, Felco 16 or Felco 17 pruning shears
- Secateurs for large hands: pruning shears Felco 100, Felco 5, Felco 11, Felco 13, Felco 19, Felco 31, Felco 32 or Felco 160
- Secateurs for women or small hands: secateurs Felco 6, Felco 12, Felco 14, Felco 15, Felco 16, Felco 17 or Felco 160

Two ranges of Felco secateurs are available on the E-viti website:
- Manual secateurs
- Pneumatic shakers

History of the FELCO brand

The FELCO brand was created in 1945 in Switzerland by Félix Flisch.
It offers a wide range of products for the pruning and cutting sectors: pruning shears, pruning shears, saws, grafting shears and pruning knives.

FELCO pruning shears and shears feature lightweight, strong and practical composite handles. The blades are made of top-quality hardened steel for clean, precise pruning and rapid healing of the wood.

The sturdiness of the models and the interchangeability of parts help to considerably increase the longevity of these products.

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