Price per pallet of144 candles

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Price per palette of 144 candles

Anti-frost candle for the protection of your vine or fruit plants.

Spring frost accompanied by negative temperatures is a frequent climatic accident that causes great damage in viticulture.
Flowers in viticulture freeze rapidly, resulting in significant crop losses.
The installation of candles allows to warm the atmosphere nearby.

- allows to warm the atmosphere in the vicinity: 8 hours of combustion for the standard candle, and 12 hours of combustion for the maxi candle (on request).
- raises temperatures above freezing
- Made from recycled paraffin
- low emission of fumes
- very simple use
- calorific value: 17000 kJ/h

Operating instructions:
- place the candle and remove the lid (to be left nearby)
- ignite the fuse with a fire burner or torch
- extinguish the candle by replacing the lid to extinguish the flame

It takes between 250 and 400 standard candles per hectare, depending on the intensity of the frost.


Precautions for use:
- Safe distances from flammable objects must be respected.
- Burn only outside.
- Be careful of hot metal containers when closing.
- Dispose of the container in accordance with national regulations.
- For professional use, to be kept out of the reach of children.

Technical characteristics of the standard candle:
- Metal container
- Combustion: 8 hours
- Weight: approximately 4.3 kg (5.5L)
- Sold by palette of 144 candles
- Pallet size: 80 x 120 x 180 cm (H)
- Weight of pallet: 650 kg