Portable propane gas lighter

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Flamgel is an extremely fast and efficient portable propane gas lighter. It lights antifreeze candles in less than 2 seconds, effectively combating spring frosts in vineyards and orchards.

Lighting antifreeze candles :
- First light in less than 5 seconds
- Second lighting in less than 2 seconds

Features :
- Autonomy in excess of 3000 ignitions
- Total operating weight (with propane cube, not supplied): 13.5 kg
- Integrated pilot light system
- Adjustable wattage
- To be used with a BUTAGAZ propane cube (not supplied)
- Cost per use: approx. €1 excl. tax/ha

Patented device, compliant with European Directive D97/23/EC
Gas equipment compliant with standard NFEN731

Delivery within 5 days on average


Practical information :
- Activity: arboriculture, viticulture, frost protection
- Power: 27 kW
- Mobility: frost plugs light up in less than 2 seconds
- Autonomy: more than 3000 ignitions with 1 cube 6 kg propane BUTAGAZ (not supplied)
- Power supply: BUTAGAZ propane cube (not supplied)
- Weight: approx. 13 kg, equivalent to a 10-litre sprayer

The Flamgel is a multi-purpose tool:
- Lighting anti-freeze candles to prevent spring frosts in vineyards and orchards
- Thermal weeding
- Thermal pruning
- Disinfection
- Shovelling
- Thawing in general