V-MAXX Chemistry safety goggles Honeywell Safety Products


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V-MAXX Chemistry, Ventilation Indirecte, Clear Acetate FogBan Lens, Neoprene Strap.

  • General use and protection against impact (45m/s).
  • Chemical laboratory (manipulation of dangerous liquids), hospital.
  • Painting.
  • Protection against fogging.


  • A sporty style for increased wearer acceptance 180° field of vision for distortion free peripheral vision. Rotating strap attachments.
  • It is made with a selection of various strap materials.
  • Special concept of indirect ventilation.


  • It fits a wide variety of workers and can be worn over prescription eyewear and with half-mask respirators. The strap attachment system provides easier use with hard hats.
  • This does ensure suitability for all types of environments (i.e. neoprene strap for use in chemical industry).
  • It is compliant with splash-resistance test.