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If precision cutting and durability are high on your agenda then these pruning shears /secateurs will tick the box, and will no doubt satisfy your requirements in so many more ways. The ergonomic FELCO 11 pruning shears are a delight to use, easy to manoeuvre, while maintaining their scalpel-sharp and precise cutting edge for a long time. The proven FELCO 11 handle design is easy to grip in hands of all sizes thanks to the contoured finger grips. 


If you have ever used our iconic FELCO 2 shears / secateur you will know what to expect. If you haven’t, then the high performance of the FELCO 11 – which take their design inspiration from our celebrated iconic standard-bearer, is sure to impress. Refined excellence is expressed in every feature, however, this is no heritage model as the FELCO 11 is a new classic cutting its own path. Pass them from hand-to-hand to feel the superb balance, the ergonomic form and contoured finger grips, and test the large cutting capacity designed for all types of pruning. The narrow counter blade gets you to those awkward branches and assures a close cut. You’ll never get tired of using them - as rubber shock absorbers ensure smooth operation and lessen fatigue. Tradition refined in a new ergonomic design… 

Technical characteristics :
* Cutting diameter : 25mm
* Weight : 245g
* Opening : 210mm
* Large hand