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AC 190 is an isolating, continuous flow air line respirator provided with full face mask.

AC 190 is an efficient device to protect respiratory organs from the dangerous effects of chemical products handled in industrial environments. The light weight, considering the protection and durability required, and the ergonomic design make this apparatus easy to operate and very efficient. The respirator is provided with a filter silencer EOD 55 that reduces the noise to a minimum.

The noise reduction, the possibility of regulating the flow and the overflow valve make this apparatus very comfortable to wear and use.

AC 190 is made of TR 2002 CL2 mask according to EN 136:98 CL2, corrugated hose type TUR 60, filter silencer EOD 55, flow regulator AC 95 and overflow valve.


The TR 2002 CL2 full face mask with panoramic visor is connected to the overflow valve that releases the excess air to the external environment. The mask is fed by the TUR 60 corrugated hose which droves breathable air in the respiration zone and which is positioned between the overflow valve and the filter silencer connected to the flow regulator.

The flow regulator AC 95 is provided with a male quick coupling for the connection to the feeding hose and it delivers to the operator a continuous flow of air that can be regulated by the user acting on the dedicated handle. The flow regulator is equipped with a low flow alarm which activates when the flow falls below the minimum set and it is mounted on a support belt to enable an easy and comfortable wearing. AC 95 is also provided with a male EN 148/1 screw for the connection of the filter silencer EOD 55.

AC 190 respirator shall be fed by a compressed air line source delivering air of breathable quality (according to EN 12021) with a pressure between 5 and 6 bar and with a minimum flow for each operator of 500 l/min. The flow regulator is connected to the air line by a compressed air feeding hose (8x17) available in different lengths and provided with quick couplings for the connection to the air line outlet and to the flow regulator inlet.

Quick couplings are available in two versions: Spasciani (standard) and Eurocoupling (on demand), this last is compatible with the most widely used coupling for air line.
Hoses shall be chosen and ordered separately making sure to have ordered the same coupling on the AC 95 and on the hoses.