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Palis Clos® technical vine wire in galvanised steel. Available in diameters from 1.8 to 2.7mm.

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  • Its low elongation (10%) guarantees lasting tension over time. PALIS-CLOS® technical wire does not need to be re-tensioned every year.
  • Its high strength means you can increase the trellised surface area by 50% while maintaining the same breaking load as traditional wire.
  • Easy to unwind. PALIS-CLOS® technical wire is packaged in 25kg coils, wrapped and arranged. Its internal diameter of 600mm is adapted to the reels used by winegrowers.
  • Exclusive protection. PALIS-CLOS® technical wire is galvanised using an exclusive technique patented by SNTN: the Delot process. This process provides PALIS-CLOS® wire with dual protection against corrosion: firstly, physical protection, and secondly, electrochemical protection. The Delot process ensures that PALIS-CLOS® technical wire lasts four times longer than conventional galvanised wire.