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Tensioner for connecting and tensioning vine trellis wires, hail protection systems, fences, etc.

It has a zamac body. More specifically, a high-quality zinc alloy with a locking roller made of highly resistant 75 rockwell steel and a stainless steel spring.

Product benefits :
- Easy, efficient installation, saving up to 70% time compared with traditional systems
- No screws or nuts to loosen, preventing screws from falling onto machinery and causing costly damage
- 100% metal
- Excellent results in extreme weather conditions
- Patented system
- An industrial range (disengageable) and a wine-growing and fruit-growing range


MX2 automatic cable ties are used in the agricultural sector as tensioners (for connecting and tensioning vine wires, hail protection systems, fencing wires, etc.) and as fastening systems in industry (for suspending air-conditioning ducts, lighting systems, motors, pipes, etc.).

Technical specifications :

Maxtensor MX2DT disengageable (bag of 25)
For tensioning and splicing double-channel wires that can be disengaged simply by restoring a little tension and activating the mx-hdim disengagement key (available in the drop-down menu).
Suitable for 2 wires from 1.8 to 3.2 mm thick, and a maximum load of 400 kg.

Maxtensor MXL2 maxi disengageable (bag of 15)
For tensioning and splicing double-channel wires, ideal for installations with heavy loads and/or large-diameter wires or cables.
Suitable for 2 wires 3.2 to 4.2 mm thick, and a maximum load of 600 kg.

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