Pack of 50 - Length 1.25m or 1.50m

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Sold in packs of 50

Fibreglass (solid) stakes can be used to support your vines and fruit trees, or as stakes in a trellis.

Composition: 65% fibreglass, 35% polyester. Anti-UV treatment.

Diameter: 10 mm

Length: 1.25m or 1.50m

Colour: white

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Our stakes are made from fibreglass-reinforced polyester. They are very useful for low crops and high agricultural fields as markers and as substitutes for wooden stakes and bamboo stakes, which can transmit diseases.

They are highly resistant, and the stakes return to their original shape after being bent (to accommodate the passage of agricultural machinery, etc.).

All our products are manufactured with an anti-UV surface treatment.

Their durability, lightness and ease of storage mean they can be reused in successive plantings, making them more cost-effective than traditional stakes.

Our fibreglass stakes are made from fibreglass-reinforced thermosetting resin and are UV-protected, making them highly resistant to water and therefore more durable than any other cane or stake.

Its main uses in agriculture include: as a stake for seedlings, for intensive planting of olive trees, vines and ornamental plants.