The trellising of vines

Among the many know-how of the winegrower, the trellising of vines is one of the most important. Discover or rediscover the trellising of the vines, its useful  and you will discover on our site all the necessary products., specialist in vineyard equipment and vine care, offers a wide range of equipment available to take care of your plantations and make the most of them.

What is vine trellising and how to achieve it ?

The trellising of vines is a process aimed at increasing the yield of the vineyard. This involves using posts about every 5 meters and stretching wires in between to secure the vine branches. The vines need these supports to develop properly. Although it can be done mechanically, the trellising of vines is generally done by hand for reliability and a perfectly finished work. The trellising consists of lifting sagging vine shoots, placing them between two steel wires and attaching branches to those wires.

The advantages of vineyard trellising

This system will keep the vine in the desired position and contain the young shoots. The trellising of vines can also develop the leaf surface, avoid excess vegetation and ensure optimal sun exposure to grapes. This sunshine will allow photosynthesis of the plants and their future development. Your harvest will be greatly simplified by using this trellising. As the clusters are not scattered, the harvesters will not have to look for them in the aisles. Moreover, these open rows will free the passage of tractors to optimize the treatment of your vineyard plantation. The wires will also allow irrigation system to be supported. Finally your trellis is a great asset for labor saving on the field.

E-viti products for the trellising of your vines

On, you will have at your disposal the supplies dedicated to the trellising and maintenance of your vineyard plants. Whether it is the steel wire to fix your branches, the mesh chains for the lifting and tension of your wires, the percussion anchors, your very high strength steel anchor discs for the headposts of your fences or the various tooling kits.

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