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COD Test tube heater (25 vial capacity)
The HI 839800 thermo-reactor is constructed of durable materials with a vial capacity to perform up to 25 digestions simultaneously. The reactor is equipped with 6 predefined and 2 user defined temperature profiles. Dedicated temperature profiles for COD and total phosphorous reactions at preset to 150°C. The total nitrogen analysis temperature is pre-set to 105°C. In addition, HI 839800 features LED indicators for visual indication of power on and heating in progress. The heater block temperature can be verified by placing a thermometer in the temperature well provided in the block. In the adjustable temperature mode (50 to 150°C), the instrument can be used for digestion of other samples that require different digestion temperatures. A 3-hour timer is incorporated for applications where timed digestion is desired. When this feature is used, the beeper will sound and the unit will shut off at the end of the selected time period. The timer can also be used without the shut-off feature when operating in the infinity mode. The reactor is provided with a thermal fuse that prevents overheating, by disabling the heater. The heater block temperature is continuously evaluated and displayed on the LCD even when there is no active temperature profile.