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The CO₂ Signal Light for monitoring air quality in confined spaces.

The CO₂ Signal Light is a traffic light kit (green/orange, red) with CO₂ determination for closed spaces: offices, conference room, classrooms, restaurants, stores, medical offices, and all other public buildings ... Indeed, a high concentration of CO₂ in the room can be linked to an increase in bacterial concentration as well as an increase in virus infection rates.

Featuring Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) Technology, the sensor measures and warns when there is too much CO₂ in the ambient air and clearly indicates when ventilation is needed to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

The traffic light is very intuitive and easy to understand. The kit consists of:

  • a lighting column with CO₂ determination
  • mounting material and a power supply unit for 230V


Infrared cell, life span of the cell: 7 to 10 years


To protect all persons staying for a long time in a closed space, the High Council of Public Health recommends a ventilation from 800 ppm* (April 2021). Thus, the Signal Light complies with the various protocols put in place by the State:

  • National Protocol to ensure the health and safety of employees in the workplace
  • Health protocol for schools, colleges and high schools

*ppm = parts per million, or volumes per million pieces.

Characteristics :
- Size : 80 x 80 x 22 mm
- Weight : 150g
- Housing materials : aluminium alloy
- Operating temperature : -20 to +50°C
- Alarms : visual (green, yellow, red) and sound
- Test : automatic calibration when connected
- Power supply : operation : 230V, AC, 50 Hz ; nominal : 230 VAC, 40 mA
- Protection class : IP65

How it works ?
Ideally, the CO₂ signal light should be placed in the center of the room, i.e., not too close to the window and within 2 meters of the floor.

Since carbon dioxide is distributed fairly evenly throughout the room, one signal light is sufficient for most rooms. Two signal lights are recommended for large conference rooms or sports halls.

User notification :

  • Red light : Greater than 2,000 ppm CO₂
    Ventilation is required and until the light turns green again. If the concentration of CO₂ is greater than 3000 ppm, the red light will flash to indicate that a health hazard exists.
  • Yellow light : Between 2,000 and 800 ppm CO₂
    Ventilation is required.
  • Green light : Less than 800 ppm CO₂
    No ventilation is required.