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TurboLine 20 mm tape is intended for movable horse fences longer than 500 metres. The tape is extra strong due to the reinforced red side wire in the edges.

The tape has a unique composition: 3 thick stainless-steel wires and 2 light metal wires. Outstanding conductivity, current guarantee throughout the fence and 40 x better conductivity than the standard 20mm tape! The tape has a 5-year UV warranty.

- Diameter mm: 20
- No. of stainless steel wires: 3
- No. of tinned copper wires: 2
- Resistance ohm / meter: 0.09
- Tensile strength kg: 200
  • Intended for movable horse fences
  • 40 times better conductivity than standard 20 mm tape
  • For fences longer than 500 metres
  • 5-year UV warranty
Color Orange/White
Metres on roll 200
Width (mm) 20
Ø plastic (nylon) wires 0,38
Number of stainless steel conductors 3
Ø stainless steel conductors 2x0,16mm / 1x0,20mm
Number of tin-plated copper wires 2
Ø tin-plated copper wires 0,25mm
Reinforced lace wire No
Resistance (Ohm/meter) 0,09
Tensile strength (kg) 200
Recommended grid length (m) > 500
Voltage at the beginning of the fence 8000V
Voltage at 100m 7600V
Voltage at 500m 6400V
Voltage at 1000m 5300V
UV guarantee (year) 5
Warranty 5 year
Duopack No
Metres on roll 200-299
Conductor type Tape
Length Fence (m) > 500
Fence type Semi-permanent
Tensile strength (kg) 200 - 299
Width (mm) 20