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Proving that there is a FELCO tool for every task, the FELCO 100 picking snips are an ingenious development on the celebrated FELCO 11 shears and solve a problem that anyone who cuts flowers will instantly recognise. How many times have you selected - then cut a stem with trademark FELCO precision, only for it to slip from your grasp and onto the ground? The FELCO 100 features a combination of two flat jaws that are fixed to the blade and the counter blade. This efficient innovation holds the stem safely, preventing damage to the flower.


If you pick roses or other flowers, the FELCO 100 picking snips are the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s probably familiar… no matter how careful you are – especially when reaching to cut an awkward stem – flowers once cut, often fall to the ground. Apart from being annoying, the damage costs you time and money. The FELCO 100 is defined by the specially designed device bolted to its cutting head that holds the stem after you’ve made a cut, delivering a new-found sense of control and speed. As an adaptation of the FELCO 11 model, the FELCO 100 is - as to be expected - an impeccable combination of comfort and clean-cutting precision. The dual opening positions ensures the tool can be adjusted for the job and your hands.