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Find the Ligapal range on e-viti

Discover the full range of Ligapal products on, an exclusive selection of high-quality products for all your tying needs. From precise, ergonomic Ligapal tying pliers to sturdy tying twine, our selection meets all your needs.


All our Ligapal products

Ligapal offers you a wide range of products specially designed to meet your expectations and requirements in the field of viticulture and vines. Here are some of the brand's flagship products :

* Tying pliers : Ligapal tying pliers are indispensable tools for quick and precise handling of ties in your vineyard. They allow you to tie branches precisely and keep the vine in the desired position.
* Tying twine : Ligapal offers high-quality tying twine to tie and support vine plants efficiently and securely. These ties are designed to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions while offering ease of use.
* Biodegradable ties : Ligapal is a pioneer in the manufacture of environmentally-friendly biodegradable ties. These ties are designed to offer optimum resistance while degrading naturally over time, thereby reducing the impact on the ecosystem.


History of the Ligapal brand

Since its creation in 1964, Ligapal has been rooted in the heart of the Champagne region, in Cormontreuil. With almost 60 years' experience, Ligapal has established itself as a major player in the field of vineyard accessories. The brand has been able to innovate and evolve to meet the specific needs of agriculture and viticulture professionals.

In 2019, Ligapal has taken an important step by manufacturing only 100% biodegradable products. The brand is thus committed to respecting the environment by using exclusively French or European raw materials. All Ligapal products, including ties, spools and wooden staples, are assembled, designed and packaged in their factory, with the constant aim of preserving our ecosystem.

Why use Ligapal brand products ?

Ligapal is committed to designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative products that meet the requirements of professionals in various sectors such as viticulture, wine-making, oenology, brewing, cider-making, market gardening, arboriculture and gardening.

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