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Specially designed to filter and extract solids from liquids. In the wine industry, it is adapted to liquid pomace and filters the juice while retaining a maximum amount of matter.

  • Ultra-resistant structure.
  • Raised edges to hold material securely.
  • Handle for perfect grip.
  • Not very messy and easy to wash.
  • Will not scratch or hurt.
  • Hole-free design for improved hygiene.


  • Total length: 136 cm including fork 40 cm
  • Width: 33 cm

Components: Food-grade polypropylene.


- Our products are resistant to solvents, chemical cleaning agents and disinfection temperatures (140°).

- The additives and dyes comply with food standards.

- The use of 5 colours (white, blue, yellow, red and green) allows tasks / production sectors to be coded to avoid possible cross-contamination. Each colour has a specific use... For vines, the red colour is suitable because it is highly visible in this environment...

- A technical data sheet can be supplied with each item, on request, and attached to the specifications.

All our products are presented in INDIVIDUAL PLASTIC PACKAGING: to avoid any contamination or deterioration of the product.