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The GP Fix is Gripple's latest trellis wire innovation, designed to provide a quick, simple and professional solution for repairing broken trellis wires.

Joins and repairs wires in one, tool-free operation.
Wire range: Ø 1.8 to 3.20 mm.
Max. load: 400 kg disengageable

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Key features and benefits :

Quick and easy to use

- The two-piece design allows the repairer to create secure gripping points at both ends of the broken wire. The pieces are simply joined and secured together quickly and easily using the snap-fit mechanism.
- The design allows for additional extension, increasing the possibility of repairing the wire manually and eliminating the need for additional wires and tensioners.
- The product can be unlocked using the Gripple Flag Key, allowing the installer to remove it if the wire is too short to repair or needs to be shortened further.
- No tools or machinery are required for installation.

A clean and safe repair

- Specifically designed for wine-growing applications, GP Fix has an elongated, smooth profile with no protruding wires, avoiding the risk of injuring people or damaging machinery. As a result, it eliminates the risk of injury from sharp wire ends and gives a professional finish in the vineyard.

Discreet design

- The product is just 17 mm wide and has a smooth profile with fewer snagging points to reduce the likelihood of damage to machinery.


- A universal solution that adapts to almost all commonly used trellising wires. The product can be used with wire diameters ranging from 1.8 to 3.2 mm.
- Two sizes of sleeve are usually required to cover this range of wire diameters.
- Its maximum load capacity of 400 kg means that it is suitable for use with Gripple Plus Medium and GP1 when the wires are twisted at the ends.

Market-leading technology

- GP Fix features corrosion-resistant zinc alloy and ceramic shims, just like the Gripple Plus range, to ensure reliable, long-lasting repairs.