For fencing of up to 28 km

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The smallest mains energiser in the Special edition series. This energiser has a fantastic price/quality ratio. The M350 has enough power for fencing of up to 28 km. The energiser has sturdy housing with a power LED and is fitted with a lightning conductor.

Specifications :
- Maximum output voltage (V): 8700
- Charging energy (J): 3.5
- Maximum impulse energy (J): 2.7
- Number of earthing rods required: 3 x 2 m
- Multiwire distance – ideal conditions (km): 28
- Multiwire distance – light growth (km): 12
- Multiwire distance – recommended (km): 7
- Fence surface (ha) (recommended): 14

  • With integrated lighting protection
  • Easy to install and operate mains equipment
  • Maintenance free
Output Voltage (V) 8700
Output with 500 Ohm (V) 6300
Voltage with 100 Ohm (V) 3200
Stored Energy (J) 3.5
Output Energy (J) 2.7
Single Wire Fence distance - Ideal conditions (km) 85
Multi (2) Wire Fence distance - Ideal conditions (km) 28
Multi (2) Wire Fence distance - Light conditions (km) 12
Multi (3) Wire Fence distance - Recommended (km) 7
Grid area (Hec/Acre) 14/35
Avg. power cons.(W) 6
Alarm-indicator-LED Earth voltage No
LED bar graph No
12V Battery backup Optional
Adaptive Control No
Delay with load (Timedelay) No
Security with short-circuit No
Built-in lightning diverter Yes
Recommended number of earth stakes 3x2m
Advised Bentonite Super Earth Kit (number of buckets) 1
Compliance EN60335-2-76-A11
IPX classification (waterproof) IPX4 (Protects from splashing water)
Warranty 3 year
Dimensions (lxbxh mm) 180x90x220
Weight (kg) 1,5
Color Black/Orange
With display (Led/LCD) Yes
Vegetation Average
Advice Fence without growth (km) 21-30
Voltage 12