variable shade 6/8 - 9/13

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Thanks to its new thinner, more resistant, lighter and faster filter, its sporty design and high strength, the FUSION helmet offers an array of advanced technology. The latest addition to the welding range, FUSION offers unbeatable advantages, four independent sensors, super fast reaction time, reinforced permanent protection and extreme comfort.


Active welding filters provide reliable protection. Whether in a clear or darkened state, they ensure permanent protection against UV/IR emissions, heat, sparks and projections. The filter’s degree of protection is defined to avoid «blinding» by the electric arc.Active welding filters must always be used with a welding mask. When an electric arc is ignited, the active welding filters are automatically darkened and after the arc is extinguished, they return to the initial clear state. So the active welding filters free the welder’s two hands, resulting in time savings, less fatigue and greatly improved quality thanks to a better placement of the arc. These filters must be protected by an external and internal polycarbonate protective screen.

  • Four independent sensors. 
  • 100 x 49 mm field of vision. 
  • Selection of welding shades.  
  • Blocking of the cell to clear state for grinding. 
  • Fine adjustment and progressive sensitivity. 
  • Solar power. 
  • Reaction time: 0.10 ms. 
  •  Filter : fine, light resistant et rapid. 
  • Security: Permanent DIN 16, UV and IR. 
  • Two year warranty.