3m x 100m

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Hail protection nets have been developed in collaboration with professional arboriculturists and market gardeners.

They are made from UV- and weather-resistant polyethylene, and are more durable than other materials because the knitted mesh cannot be displaced. The light weight of anti-hail nets makes them easy to install and remove. Long-term practical tests have proven the ideal thickness of the mesh, which guarantees high resistance and prevents crops from being overshadowed.

They provide optimum protection against the ravages of hail. The penetration force of hail is slowed down as much as possible to minimise damage.

Hail protection nets are particularly light, easy to handle and have maximum elasticity.

Made in the European Union.

Delivery time approx. two weeks.


Features of hail protection nets :

  • 100% protection against hail damage
  • Environmentally friendly (reusable for several years), and tear-resistant
  • Resistant to weather, water and acids
  • Resistant from -30°C to +70°C
  • UV-stabilised
  • Great colour and robust shape
  • 100% HDPE monofilament


Mesh size: 3 x 9 mm
Shading: 12
Weight: 44g / m²
Net size: 3m x 100m
Colour: black
Construction: reinforced margins with buttonholes