2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm or 6mm polyamide wire

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BAYCO yarn is a polyamide resin (PA6) based yarn, renowned for its high strength, excellent elasticity and guaranteed shape recovery.

The range of BAYCO wires extends from 2 mm to 6 mm in diameter, with strengths of up to 1,177 kg.

7 times lighter than conventional wire, BAYCO is easy to handle and quick and easy to install.

It stands the test of time, doesn't rust, and is perfectly resistant to ultraviolet rays and bad weather.

BAYCO wire remains taut at all times.

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BAYCO yarns are made from polyamide (PA).

Technical characteristics of polyamide :
- elasticity
- flexibility
- permanent tension
- excellent resistance to abrasion
- no heat conduction
- low volumetric density (lightweight)

Elongation at break: 25%.
Recommended tension: 3 to 5% (depending on application)

Different diameters available:

* Bayco black wire 2mm
Length: 3100m
ML: 0.034

* Bayco wire black 3mm
Length: 1400m
ML: 0.075

* Bayco wire black 4mm
Length: 800m
ML: 0.131

* Bayco wire black 5mm
Length: 540m
ML: 0,204

* Black Bayco wire 6mm
Length: 512m
ML: 0.316