FP 20 - Compatible with VR16 and VR22 staples

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The Rapid Fence pliers are both combining exceptional comfort level, easy & fast use system and durability. All that answer to your needs when fixing fences.

FP20 is the fence plier designed for hobby use.

Using both VR16 and VR22 hog rings, FP20 is the solution to fix all wire fencing, from lightweight to heavy duty chainlink mesh, on tensile wire. Compact design to allow best result even in narrow spaces, FP20 will be ideal for all kind of small applications around your property : small repairs, protective netting fixing, decoration activities and bag closing.


Features :

  • Compact design for best access even in narrow space
  • Soft grip and ergonomic handle for high comfort level.
  • Built in hard steel to permit extra durability.
  • Special locking hook to keep plier closed and save storage space.
  • Cut wire function