For fences shorter than 2km

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  • Operates for 3 weeks without direct sunlight
  • Super-strong, drop-proof, water resistant housing
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Built-in lightning protection
  • Lithium battery provides more power and longer life

Equipped with a lithium battery, the S20Li has a compact and lightweight design. This device requires minimal maintenance as there is no need to replace a battery or battery because it is dead. The compact size suggests that the device is not powerful, but nothing could be further from the truth! It can be used on cows, horses & pigs for fences shorter than 2km.

Advantages of the lithium battery
The powerful lithium battery is very compact, has very little self-discharge, lasts longer and can be recharged at any time if needed. Should the battery need recharging, it charges 3 times faster. This can be done simply by turning off the device so that the battery is recharged by light.

Year-round use
Thanks to the patented battery management system, this energiser can be used all year round. This allows it to function for up to 3 weeks without direct sunlight.

Robust all-weather design
The robust construction ensures that the energisers can withstand the harshest weather conditions and deliver reliable performance all year round. The housing is fully sealed, providing good protection against moisture and insects. We back up the "Lithium Range" with a three-year warranty on the lithium battery and a total product warranty of seven years. The device has built-in lightning protection. The switch has been replaced by a magnetic rotary knob. This is less fragile.

Advice for use
Make sure the solar panel is free of grass to make the best use of sunlight. The special stand (art. 571126) can be attached to a wooden post or earth stake. After purchase, we recommend first leaving the device out for 3 days and placing it in daylight so that it is fully charged. If the device is temporarily not in use, we recommend storing it in a dark, dry but ventilated place.

Animal type: Cat, Cattle, Dog, Horse, Pig, Rabbit
Output with 500 Ohm (V): 2300
Voltage with 100 Ohm (V): 1200
Stored Energy (J): 0,2
Output Energy (J): 0,15
Single Wire Fence distance - Ideal conditions (km): 6
Multi (2) Wire Fence distance - Ideal conditions (km): 2
Multi (2) Wire Fence distance - Light conditions (km) : 1,2
Multi (3) Wire Fence distance - Recommended (km): 1
Grid area (Hec/Acre) : 1/2,3
Maximum output Voltage: 9200
Avg. current draw Battery (V/mA)  : 3,2V/67
Days operational with no daylight: ^20 days
Device indicator light On/Off:
Battery LED (indicator):
Battery safemode:
Auto power conservation to prevent damage to battery:
Night savings option:
Normal - slow pulse mode:
Build-in solar panel: 3,8W
Fence connection wire included:
Rechargeable Battery included:
Recommended number of earth stakes: 1x1m
Suitable Stand (height): 571126
IPX classification: IPX4
Warranty (years): 3
Weight (Kg): 1,2