4 cm opening

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Simple and robust, it is the best pliers on the market and the FASTEST with 1.5 seconds per clip.
4 cm opening : can attach any kind of vegetation to a wire or a wire
Use of a spool of biodegradable thread or a spool of transparent plastic depending on the longevity of the chosen binding, i.e. about 1000 ties with a load capacity of 10kg.
Length of thread on a spool : 85m


Thanks to its 4 cm opening, it can attach any kind of vegetation to a wire or stake faster than any other pliers. It uses an 85 m coil of biodegradable wire, i.e. about 1000 ties that can withstand a load of 10 kg and have a lifespan of one year. For your bindings that need to last 2 to 3 years, we recommend transparent plastic spools. Its simplicity and robustness make it the best clamp on the market which requires no maintenance and the fastest with 1.5 seconds per tying.

Specificities and advantages :
- Possibility of tying vegetation up to 35 mm in diameter
- Ergonomic handle
- Spool of 85m long with a wire that can resist up to 10kg
- Four-stroke attachment system that does not constrain vegetation
- Articulated arm
- Innovative and patented system
- "Made in France" tool
- Reduced maintenance

Dimensions :
Length : 37,7 cm
Weight: 738g