Post Punch JC 300C

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A thermal pile driver for easier driving of your stakes and posts. Thanks to its petrol engine, you'll be able to drive your stakes quickly, accurately and efficiently.

You won't have any problems driving your stakes in any type of soil, and installation time will be reduced.

Portable and lightweight, with petrol engine, for setting moorings and trellising posts.

Allows you to carry out carassonages and secaillages without cumbersome hydraulic systems.

- Quick and easy to install,
- Fuel-efficient, with up to 500 stakes installed per litre of petrol,
- Ideal for use on steep, uneven ground,
- Comfortable with anti-vibration handles.

Featuring high driving power, the tool adapts to posts up to 102 mm in diameter.

1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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Technical specifications :

- 2-stroke CVE engine
- Air cooled
- 52 CC cylinder
- Manual start
- Fuel E95 + oil
- Fuel tank capacity 1L
- Maximum power : 1.1 kW at 6 700 RPM/M
- Power in joules : 30 to 48
- Impacts per minute : 800 to 2 000
- Machine dimensions in mm : 73 x 30 x 35
- Machine weight : 18 kg
- Maximum stake diameter : 102 mm
- Supplied with 55 mm adapter
- Carrying case with handle and wheels: 85 x 33 x 46 (including spanner)

Recommended use: all types of posts, stakes, markers, anchor driving bars, etc.