Dose bag for 220 litres

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Calcium cider is ideal for clarifying cider.

It is sold by dose for 220 L.

The quantity of calcium present in the apple juice coming out of the press is often too low to ensure the gelling of the pectins and to allow the formation of what is called the "brown cap" (thick, viscous brown foam) covering the cider on the surface.

This foam contains almost all the impurities and its elimination by racking is essential to obtain a clear, quality cider.

Calcium Cidre contains the quantity of calcium necessary to treat 220 L of juice (4 millimoles of Ca/litre).

For a better result, it can be used in addition to tannin powder and cidrase.


Directions for use :
Dissolve the calcium cider in a clean bucket with a little juice and pour it into the barrel as soon as you start filling.