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Manufactured from high-strength S350GD steel, the spiral anchor disc is protected by hot-dip galvanising to Z275 in accordance with NF EN 10346. The Ø 120 mm disc fits a Ø 6 mm Z150 galvanised steel rod, available in 3 lengths.

Anchoring suitable for loose soil.

Sold in packs of 50: 50 discs + 50 rods (any length) + 50 locking clamps.


Supplied loose, unassembled.

Technical specifications :
- 120 mm Ø disc, with 2 oblong holes to fit multiple tubular installation tools
- Spiral-shaped disc for easier screwing into the floor (furniture)
- Hot-dip galvanised steel disc, 2.5mm thick
- Ø6 galvanised rods in lengths of 600, 750 or 900mm
- Rod with locking flange to increase loop strength