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Gas Detector PCE-WMM 100
CO2 warning device for carbon dioxide and oxygen / Adjustable alarms / 4-digit LC display / Consisting of main and remote unit / Relay contacts / Analog output
The CO2 warning device PCE-WMM 100 consists of a main unit and a remote display. The CO2 gas detector PCE-WMM 100 is used to measure carbon dioxide and oxygen in a fixed location. The CO2 warning device protects people from the odourless gas CO2 and also warns of low oxygen content in the air. The gas warning system displays the measured values on an LCD. The PCE-WMM 100 CO2 warning device has two relays that can be used to control alarm lights or sounders. Furthermore, the CO2 warning device has an integrated, acoustic alarm, which emits an audio signal of 80 db in the event of an alarm. 
The warning device is used wherever CO2 can be released. This can be in warehouses, breweries, wine cellars or restaurants. The main unit is protected to IP54. 4 LEDs on the front provide information about the system status. 

Highlights : 

- CO2 and O2 sensor
Main and remote unit
- Alarm relay
- 4 ... 20 mA analog output
- Acoustic alarm
- Integrated temperature measurement