What is the binding ?

The binding, practiced in viticulture but also in arboriculture, consists of attaching the stick, the vine branch or the tree branch on the trellis wire, by means of a link. This link can be a string (paper, or textile type lycra or cotton), an iron wire (alone, or embedded in a paper or jute string), a ribbon, a permanent metal or plastic link, a hollow PVC tube, a rubber buckle, etc. This operation is also called according to the regions "docking", "folding", etc.

Depending on how the vine is driven, the link can be used to attach the rod to the wire (e.g. Royat cord), or to form an arch.

The link can also be used for guarding (cushioning) young plants. In this case it is used to attach the vine stock to the tuto.


What’s the binding for ?

The link helps to prevent branches from being too exposed to the wind, and also allows to direct the shoot in the direction one wishes.

What are the criteria to consider when choosing a link?

  • Material (rubber, textile, PVC, metal, etc.). This will condition the biodegradability or not of the bond, its elasticity, its resistance in time, its ease of grip.
  • The desired level of tightness and elasticity. Some bonds evolve with the growth of the plant, others remain fixed.
  • The labor time required for the installation: depending on the surface to be bonded and the personnel available, we will turn to either manual fasteners, systems with mechanical pliers, or electric pliers.
  • Other criteria: colour (visibility), price.


What link models are marketed by E-VITI ?

We offer the following products, all recognized for their quality and used for many years in French vineyards:

Ancorfix rubber link

Elastic, resistant, very fast to install, the Ancorfix has many advantages. Available in several sizes depending on the use (arboriculture/ viticulture, tutoring/ training).

Fenox Stainless Steel Link

A permanent link, once placed on the wire only requires an annual clipping/unclipping. Has the flexibility to not injure the plant.

Fenox Pliers

Complete clamp system, with different colors and thicknesses of tape, which is stapled around the binding plant.

Green PVC hollow tube link

PVC links are very flexible and elastic, provided they are made of virgin resin as is the case on e-viti.com. They accompany the growth of the plant without hurting it.

Stretch textile link

Stretch textile link

The stretchy textile links are soft, not harmful to the plant and easy to handle. They accompany the growth of the plant by their elasticity. Their composition mainly in cotton ensures good degradability.

LIGAPAL Tie String

The Ligapal system consists of a manual clamp, paper-steel strings of different diameters to choose according to the climatic conditions of your region, and a paddle holder that helps to unscrew.

Palifil Reinforced Jute Twine

A flexible string to handle, a discreet and ecological product. Available in several diameters, in single or jute/ steel variants.

Discover these links as well as other models and our promotional packs on the page dedicated to the binding and attachment of the vine.