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100% made in France

This product is placed on each vine that you want to protect (before and during the frost period). It allows the vine to be protected autonomously. No night watch is required. No energy consumables are required to operate the product. The dimensions of this product are made to allow a problem-free bud break of the bud. Its hanging system is optimized to be simple, fast and effective. It adapts to any type of vine.

An economical, ecological and sustainable solution :
* INAO-compliant
* Protection from -6°C
* Lasts 25 years
* No visual, olfactory or auditory nuisance
* No need to stay up all night
* Patented passive system with no energy consumption or cost
* Adapts to all types of vine
* Retains the heat of the sun's rays
* Resistant to gusts of wind (up to 70 km/h)

Possibility of personalising the product (colour and engraving), option on request.


WINE Protect can be left on the vine for 15 days without any effect.

Dimensions : 800m x 210mm x 333mm

Weight : 1,6kg

Material : Recycled high-density polyethylene

Features : Allows protection from frost down to -6°C, protection against hail, prevents buds from burning with morning dew. System allowing the product to be balanced in all circumstances, resists wind gusts of 70 KM/H.
Efficiency for a non-grassed plot is around 80% and 60% if grassed.

Storage : Storage is on standard or premium pallets. The products are arranged in 5 columns of 30 to 40 products each. Pallet height: 178cm.