Aïtor Fenox mobile vine spacer for profiled posts (box of 100)

Width of 50 or 61 mm

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Discover the exclusive AITOR mobile spacers for notched profile posts.

The spacers are available in 2 versions: 50mm and 61mm wide. The opening width is 350mm.

- Patented product

- Sold in boxes of 100

To place an order or request a quotation, please contact us at contact@e-viti.com.

When making your request, please indicate the make and model of your post to check compatibility with the AITOR spacer.



  • Mobile: Adjust the position of the spacer at any time to suit the development of the vegetation.
  • No mechanical fixings: Self-attaching to the inside of profile posts, no screws or nails required... No additional parts required.
  • Quick to install: Thread the spacer through the top of the post, pushing the arms inwards, then release. It's in position.
  • Optimised lifting: When the spreader is in the open position, it allows the vegetation to pass through, keeping the wire above ground level.
  • Protected by the post: In the closed position, the spacer is protected from the beaters of the grape harvesting machines, with only the wire loops protruding from the post.
  • Independent arms: The spreader can be closed from one side at a time.
  • Durable: Made from high-strength steel, the spring wire is protected against corrosion

Material composition :

- 2.7mm diameter wire

- Spring steel

- Galfan coating

- Manufactured by bending