SDS+ tip

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The Fenox stud holder fits on a variety of nailers thanks to its SDS+ bit.

It allows you to install your studs evenly, quickly and safely.


System features:

- Adaptable to any drill thanks to the SDS+ bit
- Spring-loaded plunger to hold bar and studs in place
- Significant time saving, easy and effortless installation

Features :

- Brands: Makita BHR202RFE, Hitachi DH36 DAL, Bosch GBH 36 V-LI, Dewalt DC224KA, Hilti TE 7-A, Wurth H 28 MA... (all of which have a chiselling function for driving in workpieces)
- Standard SDS+ coupling
- Striking power: approx. 1.8 joules
- Battery-powered nailers for stress-free use
- Autonomy: approximately 100 to 500 pieces per lithium battery, depending on the type of wood.
- Nailers can be used for other applications, as they have 3 functions: drilling, perforating and chiselling.